My First Attempt to (Sort Of) Sugar Detox

sugar cubes

Give mama some suga? No ma’am–not for a week!

Lately, I’ve been falling back into some unhealthy old habits, and have been totally overdoing it on the sweet stuff. Fortunately, it’s more so out of laziness than the strong pull of addiction, which I experienced when I was in the throes of Binge Eating Disorder a little over five years ago. (I’ll get into that in another post.) I know I have the tools to make better choices, but a bit too often I’m just like, “Fuck it. I could get off my ass and take a walk or grab coffee with a friend, but that takes effort, and I’m tired. That triple chocolate cake that’s in the fridge right now sounds fantastic though, and it’s RIGHT THERE, so whatever.”

While my binges are nowhere near as frequent or as large as they used to be, they occur enough to sabotage my productivity (excess sugar makes me EXHAUSTED) and potentially jeopardize my health over time. I’ve heard over and over again that sugar is the devil (haven’t we all?), but I think I’m finally ready to start listening.

Generally, I’m all for everything in moderation, but at this point I’m not sure if sugar is something I can only have a little of. I’m okay when I’m at work and enjoy one chocolate kiss or cookie, but if junk sweets are in the house? FUHGETTABOUTIT. Game over.

I should mention that I’m not trying to cut out all sugar—just obvious sweets in the form of candy, cookies, cake, ice cream, flavored syrup in my coffee, etc. I believe doing so will improve my mood and health enough to make a noticeable difference.

Before I follow anyone’s fancy detox system, I just want to see how I do on my own by going almost cold turkey for a week. I say almost because I’m not good with self-deprivation—it has often caused me to eat a ton of everything I’m telling myself I can’t have (did I mention I had Binge Eating Disorder??). I’m cool with having one bite-sized treat a day if I really want it.

As I said, I’m starting with a week just to see how it goes. Baby steps! Plus, I’m not so virtuous that I plan on missing out on some bangin’ apple, pumpkin, AND pecan pie on Thanksgiving! (JU CRAZY, MAYNE?!) I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Have you ever tried reducing or eliminating your sugar intake? What was your plan? Did you stick to it, and if so, what were the effects??

Peace, love, and glamour,


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