How I Did on My First (Sort Of) Sugar Detox!

no sugar I'm sweet enough

YOWZA–long time no post!

Sorry y’all. I’m not even gonna give you an excuse–frankly, I’ve just been slacking. Want to strive for that to happen less. We’re here together now, though, so that’s what’s important. 🙂

I wanted to update you on how my sugar detox went! I’m proud to say that I did the unthinkable for me: one whole week without any kind of junk food sweet. No chocolate, no candy, no ice cream, no cake, no cookies, no cherry-flavored wallpaper a la Willy Wonka–nunna that. It tripped me out when I realized that the last time I went a week without sweets was VERY likely before I could chew food! (My mom has always been a sweet-a-holic, and I inherited that, thanks to all the goodies that have always been in our house. Thank God she and I are such busy ladies running around all the time, or else we wouldn’t be able to fit through a door…seriously.)

I think what really helped me get through this was telling myself that I COULD have some little bite-sized treat if I wanted one each day. Just giving myself that freedom made me feel less eager to have it. It’s telling myself no and making things completely off limits that generally backfires in my face. The hardest night for me was the Monday  before Thanksgiving. I only had a day left in my challenge and naturally I was DYING for a Peppermint Patty that was in my fridge. I was THIS|CLOSE to unwrapping it, but I resisted. Rest assured, I now believe in miracles. I really didn’t think that Patty had a fighting chance.

My body did feel cleaner by not dumping loads of sugar into it that week. Sugar in excess makes me sa-LEE-py and lethargic, so not having any definitely made me more alert than usual. (I never got that sugar high that others speak of, even when I was a kid.) I’d like to take on this challenge again in the near future, even if it’s for a few days at a time instead of a week. (It’s just cool to know that I CAN go for a whole week!) Considering that my parents host Christmas, and I’ll be staying at their house all that week, it’s an excellent time to start practicing a wee bit more self-control than I’m used to at this time of year. I’ll stick pig out more than usual, but not clean-the-fridge-all-by-myself pig out.

Have you ever surprised yourself by making it through some type of detox or cleansing period that you thought would be WAY harder for you? Why do you think it wasn’t as hard as you imagined it was going to be?



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