me on hay ride

I seek to add as much positivity, love, and kindness into this world as possible, and to inspire others to do the same.

It gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure to help others develop and maintain strong relationships with themselves and realize their true potential.

I’m passionate about self-improvement, learning and practicing ways to live one’s best life, being good to the environment and the other animals that populate our planet, music, and creativity in general.

Yet I’m not entirely crunchy… 🙂

I love glitz and glamour. I love bold, dramatic statements and grand gestures. I believe in making every moment a MOMENT, dahhhling. Oh, and I freaking LOVE Mariah Carey, who’s been a sister-in-my-head since I was 7. (Random. Shoutout to the Lambily, though!)

Basically I’m a tree-hugging glamour girl who wants to leave this earth a little more fabulous than she found it. 😉

I definitely don’t know everything (nor do I claim to), I’m not little miss sunshine all the time (just ask my mother!), and I’m sure as hell not perfect. I’m a work in progress just like everyone else, and I’m loving the journey!

This is my truth. Ride with me, won’t ya?

Peace, love, and glamour,


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