Suga, Suga, How’d Ya Get So SICKENING?!

sugar skull and crossbones

Hey, everyone! Happy New Year! It’s been a long time..I shouldn’t’ve left you..without a dope beat to step to….  *Corrrrnyyy* 🙂

SO, as part of my New Year’s resolution to eat mostly healthy [vegan] food, I have committed myself to going sugar-free for one week of every month in 2014. For January, I chose this past week (Monday-Sunday), since I had no social obligations to attend where tempting goodies might have called my name. I should mention that at least for now, I’m not at the point in my journey where I [want to] eliminate ALL sugar, such as that found in fruit, certain condiments, etc. I’m currently just choosing to go without any kind of obvious, sugar-filled junk food. (I never add sugar to my coffee or tea anyway.) I have had a HUGE, almost insatiable sweet tooth all my life, so just eliminating cookies, cake, candy, etc. for a full seven days is a ginormous leap for me. (It’s the second time I’ve challenged myself to do this in my whole life! The first was back in November.)

Today begins a week where I’m allowing myself to have junk-sugar (in moderation) again. Now, most nutritionists would NOT recommend rewarding oneself with the thing she is trying to avoid or have less of, but uh…EFF THAT! This afternoon I went to Fairway and got about 6 regular-sized cookies (white chocolate macadamia, double chocolate chip, chocolate chip, and granola), as well as a soy mocha cappuccino because I’ve been meaning to treat myself to coffee from Fairway since I moved to Harlem and began doing my grocery shopping there. I was planning to have about three cookies today and then save the rest for later this week.

I returned home with my goodies, put the bag on the counter, and broke off a few pieces of the cookies. Let me tell ya, I don’t know WHAT people are talking about when they say sugar won’t taste as good after avoiding it for a while (it must have to be for a lot longer than a week) because, LAWD, those cookies are so.damn.good. And my mocha cap was creamy, dreamy deliciousness. HOWEVER, I did notice that after a few bites (even while being hungry because I hadn’t had lunch yet) I did not want anymore. I got some paper towel and saran wrap to cover the rest and put them in the freezer!

uneaten cookies!

This is PARAMOUNT for me. If you know me well or happened to read a post on a blog I used to have, you might know that a few years ago I recovered from binge eating disorder, which began in my late high school years. (I’ll write a post here soon to explain that whole fabulous situ, in case you’re interested.) That doesn’t mean the urge to overeat (like, REALLY overeat) does not still rear its ugly head from time to time, but it occurs very infrequently now. Also, since the start of the new year I have been learning to cook, and within less than a month I am eating a lot healthier, which has made me feel more satiated and happy that I’m taking better care of myself. And when you feel that way, it’s easier to make better decisions, in all areas of life.  But I digress…

What I’m saying is…not too long ago I would have wolfed down every last crumb of those bad boys in a rush, barely enjoying them, even if I wasn’t hungry, and then feel guilty, sick, and miserable afterwards. It feels SO GOOD to be making strides toward treating my body with the respect it has always deserved.

And now, about an hour after eating just two and a half cookies and finishing my cappuccino, I’m noticing how groggy I’ve become. I can almost FEEL the sugar coursing through my blood stream, and my limbs feel sort of weak. While sugar always used to make me tired when I was eating a ton of it (not too long ago), I didn’t feel the impact quite like this because I guess I was sadly USED to feeling like crap. NOW, because I’ve been eating a diet mainly comprised of nutrient-rich produce, complex carbs, and vegan protein, I can clearly feel the difference. And that difference is strong enough to make me limit my intake by a lot, even on the weeks I allow myself to indulge in the sweet stuff.

My next sugar-free adventure will be the week AFTER Valentine’s Day. (Come on, I’m not THAT crazy. 😉 )

If you have any questions or advice on sugar detoxing, or want to share your trials and triumphs with sugar, please do so  below!

Peace, love, and glamour,

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