14 Suggestions for How to Spread a Lil’ L.O.V.E. on Valentine’s Day


February 14th doesn’t just have to be about romantic love. Frankly, the whole WORLD could use some more heart ‘n’ soul from each and every one of us. And while we should do our best to come from a loving state of mind every day, Valentine’s Day serves as a nice reminder. (And there’s roses and chocolate everywhere, so, you know…I’m pretty much all about it.)

Here are 14 doable ideas on how to dish out some much-needed compassion this VDay:

1. Volunteer (or sign up to volunteer) your time or money to a cause you believe in.
2. Smile at a stranger. (…Or 14 of’em)
3. Give at least three people a genuine, heartfelt compliment.
4. Send a “love letter” to anyone you know who could use a pick-me-up.
5. Keep your language (including the self-talk in your head) as positive as possible and try to avoid gossip.
6. Do at least one small thing that could help the planet and/or animals, both which cannot ask for help themselves.
7. Support a local business. (Perhaps one that sells chocolate, perfume, lingerie, or jewelry?!)
8. During your commute, offer up your seat to someone else if you take public transportation, or patiently let someone cut in front of you if you drive.
9. Practice listening without simultaneously thinking about your own agenda for the conversation.
10. Consider how you can share your unique skills, talents, and PASSIONS with the world–we all need what only you can bring to the table, and it would be a crime to hold that back.
11. Spread positive news that is not directly about yourself.
12. Practice empathy and allow yourself to feel whatever emotion(s) comes up for you without judgement.
13. Educate yourself by doing ten minutes of research on a far-reaching controversial topic you are unfamiliar with. (Less ignorance is the key here.)
14. Give someone a kiss, big hug, or at least a solid pat on the back while looking them in the eyes. The sensation of touch and eye contact is huge for creating trust, good vibes, and peace.

What other things can we do to bring more love to all on Valentine’s Day and every day of the year? Let me know in the comments. xo

Peace, love, and glamour…