Two Hurdles to Expect When Pursuing Your Dreams


We all know that pursuing big goals will not always be smooth sailing, and yet we freak out when things aren’t going exactly according to plan. Sometimes we need someone to tell us stuff we may already know (but can’t see through a cloudy mental state) in order to get the ball rolling again. Well, here ya go! (Oh, and would you please be sure to send me this link when I’M in a funk? Thanks—you’re a doll! 😉 )

1. Waning Motivation

Sudden lack of motivation for something you’re normally extremely passionate about is likely just a result of putting in so much time and excited energy into thinking and working on the project, and so you’re a little burnt out. Or you may be analyzing to death what was once just something you loved to do for fun in order to make it work as a business. (Something artistic types sure go through a lot.) Either way, totally normal.

When dealing with a lack of motivation, I find I either need to get closer to my source of inspiration, or even further from it for a little while.

  • You know what gets you inspired regarding your topic of interest and pursuing your goals. Read about it, go to a workshop, chat with someone who happily and successfully does what you’re trying to do, create a vision board—just expose yourself to whatever gives you that pot-about-to-boil-over feeling of joy and excitement every time, without fail. You’ll get back to being pumped up in no time.
  • Give yourself a little break (a few hours, a day, a week) from the project. Get involved with other interests, volunteer, exercise more, get more sleep, or relax with friends. This will likely rejuvenate you, and even provide new perspectives and ideas regarding your goals. Absence often does make the heart grow fonder.

2. Momentary Self-doubt

Even the most confident among us have days when we question whether or not we have what it takes to do xyz, even though yesterday we felt like we were sitting on top of the world. Maybe it stemmed from criticism from a coworker, a family member asking when we were going to get a “real” job, or just our lovely egos being their natural buzz kill selves. The point is, self-doubt happens sometimes, but we can’t let it drag us down.

  • List all the reasons why you would be good at what you’re trying to do. Recount the progress you’ve made thus far, no matter how small, and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for that. Tape this to your fridge, bathroom mirror, forehead…wherever you’ll see it often!
  • Try to look at criticism as objectively as possible, and do your best not to take it personal (even if you think it is). Just be real with yourself about your shortcomings, and figure out how you can improve at those.
  • Make a commitment to yourself not to be swayed by certain peoples’ negativity any longer than a moment. Forgive them for judging and making ignorant comments—they’re either doing so because they care and want what’s best for you, know nothing about the field you’re interested in, are not very happy with themselves, and/or simply have no home training! 😉
  • Our egos are really good at sneaking up on us when we’re finally making progress towards our goals. So if you start to hear Debby Downer in the back of your head, just tell her, “Thank you for sharing, but I GOT THIS!” in your BEST George Lopez voice.

Whatever you do, do NOT let these moments make you feel like perhaps you chose the wrong path, because they have happened to everyone who has ever made a living by doing what they love.

So go on and forge ahead! Expecting a few occasional bumps in the road such as waning motivation and self-doubt can actually make them a lot easier to deal with when they inevitably happen.

And they say Pisces aren’t realistic or logical. POW! 😉

Peace, love, and glamour,

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